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This startup turns hills into giant batteries

Source: FastCompany

A U.K.-based startup called RheEnergise is working on a new way to store energy, making use of gravity on hills. Instead of using water like a damn does, the new system pumps a fluid that’s two and a half times denser, which means that it can store the same amount of energy on a smaller hill. It also has less impact on the environment and can be built faster and used on smaller hills.

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How Unilever builds a more equitable and inclusive society

Source: Unilever

This week we attended a talk by Unilever’s sustainability officer Benelux, Anniek Mauser. She spoke about Unilever’s global purpose: “Making a sustainable living commonplace”. In line with their purpose, Unilever recently announced a series of far-reaching commitments, such as providing a living wage to all their stakeholders and spending 2 billion annually on suppliers from under-represented groups.

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Sweden is taking back parking spaces to improve urban living

Source: The Guardian

A pop-up public space is part of a Swedish urban experiment known as the “one-minute city” that gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists. They’ve been appearing around the country as part of a government project called Street Moves, which aims to investigate what happens when cars are displaced, and how every street in Sweden could be healthy, sustainable and vibrant by 2030.

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