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These floating islands could help decarbonize Helsinki

Source: Fastcompany

By 2035, the city of Helsinki plans to be carbon neutral. Because the city recognized a need for new innovations in heating technology, it sponsored a 1 million euro reward, the Helsinki Energy Challenge, for anyone who could come up with a viable alternative. One of the competition’s winners, called Helsinki’s Hot Heart, envisions 10 floating reservoirs off the city’s coast that would store heat in seawater. Four of the 10 reservoirs would have roofs and would be open to visitors, taking advantage of the heat to grow tropical plants and offer heated swimming pools.

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Forests will rise around Birmingham to make Commonwealth Games 2022 carbon neutral

Source: Guardian

Thousands of acres of forest will be created in and around Birmingham under plans to make the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the city carbon neutral. The 2,022 acres of forest spread-out over 72 mini-forests will feature native species and will be designed to help local people connect with nature. Each mini-forest will be linked to one of the nations and territories competing at the Games, to be held between 28 July and 8 August next year. It will be the first time the games are set to be carbon neutral.

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Electronics Giants, Global Orgs Launch Circular Electronics Partnership

Source: Sustainble Brands

This week, top electronics companies, together with a group of global organizations, set a vision and roadmap committing to a circular economy for electronics by 2030. These companies include some of the world’s largest consumer brands and represent nearly $6 trillion total market cap. Along with the partnership, the group has launched a time-bound action roadmap that identifies six pathways to circularity. The roadmap focuses on different stages of the value chain to help businesses and partner organizations overcome barriers to circularity.

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