About us

Towards net positive

We are a boutique strategy consultancy for social impact. We help our clients increase their stakeholder value by connecting their core business to a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive future.

Many people have a rising desire to have a positive impact on the world somehow. They want their work to be meaningful and are more likely to buy products from companies that create positive impact. Organisations will therefore only be successful in the long-term if they have a clear sense of societal purpose and create a positive net outcome for other people, our planet, and the economy. This is why it is our mission to inspire and enable our clients to create meaningful value for all of their stakeholders.

Our vision

Waai is a Certified B Corporation, which means we’ve been certified as a company that uses its business as a force of good. We take stock of the impact our business has on the world at large. We aim to have a net positive impact on the environment, our employees, our partners and the society in which we operate. As a certified B Corp we are at the heart of a global movement to create a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

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How it all started, this is our story

Two best friends wanting to put a dent in the world. That’s how in 2013 the journey started that ultimately led to Waai. After developing an award-winning idea to fight climate change, Paul and Yme worked with Al Gore in person on his ‘Road to Paris’ climate campaign. When an earthquake devastated the country of Nepal in 2015, Paul and Yme teamed up with Oxfam to create a (now famous) Nepali hand washing soap-superhero called Sabunman. This project marked the start of Waai.

Over the past seven years we have worked on all sorts of impact projects. From setting up a social movement that encourages the transition towards sustainable energy to accelerating a culture change at one of the world’s oldest organisations. Working with us, you can expect a hands-on approach with clear-cut results. We don’t appease the mediocre, and believe that with the right effort and expertise, a better, more intelligent solution is always possible.


Like any other consultancy, we always budget a few hours to cover unforeseen work for the projects that we do. In case this surplus is unused, we offer our clients a choice: Either we reimburse the hours, or we double the hours (at no additional cost) and donate them to a charity cause. We'll always let you know what project we donated the hours to and how the charity benefited.

Take it Outside

We all know getting outside for some exercise and fresh air has tons of benefits. So why do we still insist on spending most of our time around tables, seated in chairs? That’s why we say: Take it outside! We have selected several great spots for open-air meetings close to our office. Depending on the weather we either meet outdoors or at the office. So, bring your mud boots (or flipflops) and let’s take it outside.