Our purpose

Build more empathy

We exist to build more empathy in order to create a more understanding world. This is how we contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and everyone on it.

Our vision

Start tomorrow, today

We can dream of a better future, or we can join forces and start building one today. A future that benefits not only us, but all living beings on our planet. A future in which our empathy for one another is ingrained in the organisations and institutions we use to shape our world. A future that is more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive.

Whether it’s the climate crisis, the world food problem, an ageing population, shortages in education and health care or the expanding gap between rich and poor: Together we can reverse the trajectory and make a difference.

This requires we shift from the old way of doing things. We have to join forces and embrace a new approach that champions stakeholder value and sustainable impact. Whether you are part of a local business, a government branch or an international corporation; we are all entrusted to be part of the solution.

Waai wants to be an agent of change and accelerate our joint path towards a better future. We support our clients in their endeavours to establish partnerships that put stakeholder value first so they can become part of the most successful and profitable businesses of tomorrow.

We believe that with our shared inventiveness, persistence and optimism we can meet the challenges of our time. Just like we always have.

Our mission

To inspire and enable our clients to create meaningful value for all of their stakeholders.

Our values

Think big, bigger, biggestProblems aren't too big, solutions are too small.

Do it for someone elseLeave the world a better place.

Make it uncomplicatedTangible, usable, understandable.

Take it personallyGive a damn.

Set the purpose of your organisation

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