About us

Waai is a boutique strategy consultancy. We help organisations find and deliver on their purpose.

Real impact is more than just a good story. This has been our core belief since we started Waai in 2016. In the past five years we have helped our clients, setup up social movements, find direction in our rapidly changing society and tell their story. Always creating value for society in an authentic way. 

We have customers from both the public and corporate sector. We believe in setting tangible objectives and deliver from idea to implementation. You can expect a hands-on approach with clear-cut results.

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Business as usual is no longer an option

Our society faces a number of historical challenges. Challenges that we can certainly meet with our inventiveness and a healthy dose of optimism. Whether it's the climate crisis, the world food problem, the ageing population, shortages in education and health care or the increasing difference between rich and poor. Together we can reverse the trajectory and make a difference.

Economic growth is no longer a guarantee for an increase in well-being. This requires a change in the way we do business. Governments alone will not be able to reverse the trajectory by themselves. Everyone will have to become part of the solution. It is no longer about what you can get out of it, but about what you bring to the table.

That is why organisations with purpose have the future. They exist to create sustainable value for society as a whole.

Mission & Values

It is our mission is to inspire and support our clients in finding and delivering on their purpose so that they can create meaningful value now and in the future.

Everything we do is based on our core values:

Think big, bigger, biggest
Problems aren't too big, solutions are too small.

Do it for someone else
Leave the world a better place.

Make it uncomplicated
Concrete, usable, understandable.

Take it personally
Give a damn.

Who we are

Yme Gorter


Paul de Ridder


Joosje Hoekstra

Assistant Accountmanager


For issues involving big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we rely on the expertise of data science agency Landscape. In our strategic partnership we exchange knowledge and work together to help our customers further.

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Visual identity plays an important role in branding. In order to guarantee top quality, we work together with Lot van Beek. Lot has extensive experience in designing for (international) brands.

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Mary Ponomareva has been involved with Waai from the very beginning. Mary is primarily a visual artist using CGI and 3D models to question the future. Mary works with Waai on various projects.

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