A strong brandwith purpose

Brand purpose allows organisations to connect with customers, creates brand loyalty and inspires employees. It ensures that the organisation can be clearly distinguished from its competitors and is relevant to its customers. For purpose-driven organisations, this means above all that the brand is authentic and clearly communicates what the organisation stands for.

What we do

A strong brand makes the purpose tangible.

Today’s consumers care about more than just what products or services they offer—they care about what kind of impact brands are making in the world. We support leaders and brand managers in shaping a purpose-driven brand.

Our approach

Positioning refers to the place an organisation occupies in the minds and hearts of people. The proces of positioning is about two things. First, redefining the playing field in which the organisation operates. Second, formulating an appropriate value proposition that connects with stakeholders and customers on shared values. A proces of making clear-cut (and often tough) choices. What are you, what are you not? What do you stand for, what cause do you support?

We offer a positioning project in a few co-creation sessions. We make sure to provide the necessary knowledge and structure to make the complexity of positioning understandable and manageable. We translate the output from these sessions into a concise positioning statement. To ensure that the positioning connects with customers and stakeholders we prefer to involve them directly. In this way we ensure an authentic and relevant market positioning.


Brand strategy is about selecting the right course of action for your brand to positively influences the brand image - what others think of your brand. For purpose-driven organisations the brand strategy focusses on making the purpose tangible for its stakeholders and customers. Through stories, campaigns, branding and activations. The more clearly the purpose is expressed, the more defined the brand image becomes. We support leaders and brand managers in effectively putting their brand out there.

Our approach

In a one or two co-creation sessions we develop a comprehensive brand bulls-eye including a set of brand promises. In addition, we deterimine the right marketing and communication channels and scan for new brand opportunities.

Brand activation

Based on the brand strategy we develop a brand calendar with clear objectives and milestones. In this brand calendar all marketing activities come together - both short and long term. We also offer strategic support in developing marketing activities such as campaigns and activations.

With a brand identity you give the brand a personality. This concerns the colours and shapes as well as the sound (tone of voice) that makes a brand recognisable. The aim is to create the right impression on customers and stakeholders. With a step-by-step approach we develop a first class brand identity for purpose-driven organisations.

Developing a brand identity starts with a creative exploration. In an energising session we gather input from you for our creative team. Our designers use your input to develop an appropriate brand identity.


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