Over the past four years we have worked with various organisations in both the private and (semi-) public sector. Some of our customers have been with us right from the start. Curious about what we do for our clients? Underneath a selection of some of the projects in which we have been involved.

Ministry of Defence

Where do you start when repositioning one of the oldest organisations in the Netherlands? In collaboration with TNO we supported the Ministry of Defence in finding new meaning.

With a group of more than fifty top administrators of the Ministry of Defence, and a number of external stakeholders, a start was made repositioning the 'Adaptieve Krijgsmacht'. With the existing strengths as a springboard the attendees of the three-day seminar explored how they could connect their personal purpose to he future of the Dutch armed forces.

During and after the meetings, the attendees shared their own personal story about the adaptive armed forces (corporate storytelling) in order to raise awareness and gather support within Ministry of Defence for the 'Adaptieve Krijgsmacht'. In addition, during the meetings a set of values and principles for the 'Adaptieve Krijgsmacht' were collected. One of the first steps in repositioning the armed forces.


All households will stop using natural gas in the next thirty years. But how do you get residents enthusiastic about a topic that is simply doesn't seem relevant to them and how do you brand the natural gas transition?

After extensive research and numerous conversations with residents, we have written down our findings in a strategic advice for policymakers. In addiction we advised on the development of the #VANGASLOS movement such as, (influencer) campaigns and festivals to further boost the natural gas transition.

#VANGASLOS has become the catchphrase for the natural gas transition and the fundamentals of the #VANGASLOS strategy, to create support and involve residents in the energy transition, is widely used.


OXFAM had little success with hand wash campaigns in Nepal. The soapbars distributed were often left untouched and the campaigns didn't resonate. How can OXFAM reposition soap in Nepal?

Instead of approaching the problem from a Western perspective, we worked closely with Nepalese nationals to find a new purpose for soap. We replaced a story about bacteria for a story about magic powers that defeats dirt monsters. For this we developed a soap superhero called Sabunman who uses song and dance to encourage children in Nepal to wash their hands.

Sabunman and his song about the super powers of soap have become part of Nepal's collective memory and consciousness. Regularly, "new" Sabunmans pop up on YouTube and Facebook.

More cases

Mobility Service NL B.V.

We have supported the business lease company Mobility Service Nederland (MSN) rebranding their online presence to show their high service people focused approach.

Van Dijk Maasland B.V.

Van Dijk Maasland is committed to a better environment. Together with van Dijkmaasland we have developed an educational campaign about the dangers of large equipment.

ROC Midden Nederland

We worked with students and collected their vision on a stimulating learning environment and presented our findings to the board.


We supported the Warmtetafel in reaching consensus on a strategic positioning of the energy transition in the Netherlands.

Landscape B.V.

We helped Landscape to refine their positioning and formulate a clear vision, mission and core values.

Infinipipe B.V.

We have helped Infinipipe position and put their their purpose-driven innovation for the international pipeline industry on the map.


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