A culture withpurpose

The organisational culture sets the context for everything an organisation does. It turns individuals who work together into a community. Research shows that employees in purpose-driven organisations feel more involved and are more productive. This results in substantial higher retention rates and employees are three times more likely to recommend the organisation as a workplace.

What we do

Creating a purpose-driven culture is about doing.

Organising activities and sharing stories makes the purpose tangible for employees. In addition, determining core values and principles offers tools to further anchor the purpose in behaviour. We help leaders and HR professionals bring the purpose to life within the organisation.

Our approach

By organising purpose driven activities you let employees know: the purpose has our priority. Whether you hold a festive announcement of the (new) purpose, organise a joint exploration of the purpose in an informal setting or go wild and create a play (yes, a play). All these activities bring the purpose to life within the organisation. These can also be activities that recur regularly (for example during onboarding) or become part of a weekly routine during the stand-up.

Icons make the purpose visible and sometimes even literally tangible. An icon can be anything, from an interactive bulletin board to an exciting work of art. Icons serve as a constant reminder and source of inspiration.

We help our clients develop purpose activities and facilitate the creation of purpose icons. In this way we make sure the purpose becomes tangible and understandable. We provide the necessary creativity and make use of our network of designers and artists.

Each and everyone of us is hardwired to tell stories and to listen to them. Sharing stories within an organisation is a powerful way to integrate the purpose. Purpose stories are highly personal and tell how someone connects to the organisational purpose. A good purpose story is easy to share and should kickstart a conversation. Sharing these stories helps people understand and connect to the purpose.

We support the leadership and employees to tell and share their purpose story within (and outside) the organisation. In a dynamic workshop, participants discover their own purpose story and receive a crash course in corporate storytelling. We also offer one-on-one training courses in corporate storytelling to put dot the i's and cross the t's. At the end of this process, each participant has an inspiring personal purpose story that they can share.

Core values and principles are about the way an organisation acts. They integrate the purpose in daily activities and employee behaviour. Where core values may be perceived as intangible, principles are specific. Principles are derived from the core values and state clearly how employees are expected to act. Together they are a powerful tool to make the purpose tangible.

We help our clients select core values that support the purpose and translate these into unambiguous principles. We do this on the basis of one or more sessions in which we connect shared personal values that support the purpose. From this we arrive at a set of core values. We then attach a set of principles to each core value that help to stimulate behaviour that is consistent with the core values. Depending on the organisation we collect input from employees and other stakeholders in advance. The outcome of the process: a set of core values with matching principles.

We also offer this approach in an slightly different format if (part of) the core values are already known.


Want to know more about activating the purpose in the organisational culture? We are happy to tell you more about it.

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