Discover the purposeor your organisation

The organisational purpose is an inspiring higher goal that helps you win customers, inspire stakeholders and get happier employees. Purpose finding is about discovering what you want to change in the world as a company or organisation.

What we do

Purpose is always about something that drives people from within.

In an appropriate inspiring environment we offer structure and ask the right questions to get to the core. Depending on the organisation, a more top-down or bottom-up approach can be chosen.

Our approach

With our leadership approach, the board and the management team take the lead in finding purpose. This approach works best for organisations where leadership is considered to be a stable factor (e.g. family businesses) or when the leadership wants to chart a new course. The leadership approach is also dubbed the prospective approach as it has its eyes on the future.

At an inspiring location we try to find the organisational purpose. Personal vision, motives and ambitions play an important role. With creative assignments and in-depth discussions, an inspiring higher purpose is linked to the organization.

The organisational approach is based on the core, the DNA of the organisation (retrospective approach). This approach is best suited to relatively successful organisations with a long history looking for renewed meaning or relevance. The history and identity of the organisation play an important role. The purpose stems from what is already there and what the organisation means to employees, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Personal and professional motivations of the employees are the starting point. In a number of meetings in an informal setting, a diverse group of both leaders and employees explore what moves and connects them. The question "what are you doing it for?" is central in these meetings. This approach leads to a purpose that everyone understand and can commit to on their own terms.

The purpose story approach is intended for organisations with purpose that struggle to clearly communicate their purpose to others. This approach fits organisations that want to be able to communicate their why more clearly. The outcome of this approach is a short story in which the purpose is clearly articulated (this can be a text, but also a video, for example).

We write a purpose story in close collaboration with the leadership of the organisation. Depending on the situation, we organise one or more meetings in which employees are asked to share their personal story about the organisation. By discussing these stories the shared purpose will become apparent.


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