Strategy withpurpose

Today's business leaders know that there is more to success than achieving good financial results. The social impact an organisation makes is becoming increasingly important. By working with the entire organisation from a clear purpose, you can make a difference together.

What we do

Integrating the purpose starts with aligning the leadership agenda.

This way making a social contribution becomes tangible and is given priority. We support boards and managent teams integrating purpose in their business strategy. It is the first step towards a healthy balance between profit and purpose.

Our approach

Focus is key to a successful strategy. Focus starts with a concise description of what the organisation believes in and is committed to achieve. The vision is about what role the organisation wants to play in the future. The mission specifies the playing field in which the organisation operates and what qualities it uses to realise its vision. A clear vision and mission clearly show the social impact that the organisation wants to create. In addition, it provides internal focus and serves as a source of inspiration for employees.

In our vision-mission session we juxtapose societal and global developments with the playing field of the organisation. This creates clarity about possible opportunities for the organisation and which obstacles the organisation can expect in the future. Based on these insights we develop possible strategic scenarios for the organisation. In close collaboration we turn the results of the session into an inspiring vision with a suitable mission.

Social impact starts with formulating tangible goals that align with the purpose. We aim for a healthy balance between purpose and profit - social impact and business results. Through goal setting it becomes clear where the biggest obstacles lie and what has priority. This also includes selecting and integrating new indicators (KPIs) to measure the often somewhat "softer" objectives associated with the purpose.

Many organisations nowadays choose to set their social objectives on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This offers two advantages: together you achieve more plus you can pool knowledge and resources.

Together with the leadership and management, we organise one or more sessions in which the strategic goals are set. We help translate the intended social impact into tangible results by using existing frameworks. Based on the goals set, we then make an inventory in the organisation of how these goals can best be translated into KPIs. The starting point are KPIs that make the contribution of employees to the creation of social impact tangible. Result: Clear objectives and KPIs with which the organisation can get a grip on creating the intended social impact.

Actions rather than words. Creating social impact is about doing. By examining the value chain, you can gain insight into the social value that an organisation can create. When it is clear which products and services contribute to the fulfilment of the purpose and which do not, it is possible to steer more consciously towards the creation of social or ecological value. The goal: a healthy balance between profit and purpose.

Going through the value chain step-by-step we scan for new opportunities to create value. In addition, we take a critical look at the existing range of products and services and to what extent they (or do not) match the purpose. The results of this session (s) form the springboard for integrating the purpose in the activities of the organisation.


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