Today's business leaders know that there is more to success than just achieving good financial results. Increasing stakeholder value starts with aligning the leadership agenda.

We help boards and management teams envision a more sustainable and inclusive future for their organisation. Our approach focuses on long-term value creation that takes the interests of all stakeholders into account — always maintaining a healthy balance between profit and purpose.

" Businesses need profits to survive. The less we make, the less we will have to give away, and the less other companies will think we have a mission that is worth imitating. "

— Yvon Chouinard, founder Patagonia


Vision & Mission development

Develop a vision beyond making money and find a cause worth fighting for. Set course to become a force of good.

In our vision and mission approach, we juxtapose societal and global developments with the playing field of the organisation to scan for new market opportunities and possible obstacles. Based on these insights, we develop alternative strategic scenarios and turn these into an inspiring new vision and mission.


Goal setting & KPI's

Move from compliance to opportunity and become a frontrunner. Navigate social impact with tangible goals that align with your core business.

Together with the leadership and management teams, we organise one or more sessions in which we define new organisational goals. We use existing frameworks such as the SDGs and ISO 9001 as a starting point. The best goals play on the strengths and generate positive energy within the organisation. The outcome of these sessions is a clear set of objectives and KPIs that enable the organisation to focus on its social impact.


Value chain alignment

Connect with the new economy and put stakeholder value first. Discover new ways to create value throughout your value chain.

Together with the leadership, we explore opportunities to increase stakeholder value by examining the value chain and portfolio. We look for new and better opportunities to create social impact. We identify key partners along the supply chain, as the most impact is usually created when working together. The result of these sessions is a set of identified opportunities to create new stakeholder value in both the organisation and its network.

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