The organisational culture sets the stage for employees to create social impact. It is at the heart of every organisation that is serious about making a difference.

The organisational purpose energises employees and serves as a True North. It guides the impact your organisation wants to make. We help leaders and HR professionals bring the purpose to life within the organisation. Organising activities and sharing stories makes the purpose tangible for employees.

" I knew that to lead effectively I needed to get some things square in my own mind—and, ultimately, in the minds of everyone who works at Microsoft. Why does Microsoft exist? And why do I exist in this new role? These are questions everyone in every organization should ask themselves. "

— Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft


Activities & Icons

Connect on what matters. Create a positive culture and bring the purpose to life with purpose-driven activities and icons.

Organisational purpose is not just a mental concept, but something that should genuinely live in the hearts and minds of people. We bring the necessary creativity to develop activities and icons that turn the purpose into something tangible. Let’s bring people together.


Corporate storytelling

Create a culture and purpose others can share. Start telling purpose stories and connect on what people really care about.

Each and every one of us is hardwired to tell stories and to listen to them. Sharing stories within an organisation is a powerful way to integrate the purpose and get people passionate about your cause. A good story is easy to share and should kickstart a conversation. We support the leadership and employees to tell and share stories within (and outside) the organisation.


Values & Principles

If the purpose is the ultimate ‘why’, values are the ‘how’. Harness your values and put them into action with principles.

Having strongly embedded core values is one of the most important drivers for social impact within an organisation. They guide your people on every level. We help our clients uncover the values that fit their organisation. Principles are derived from the organisational values. They are the unambiguous guides that shape and stimulate behaviour within the organisation.

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