Purpose, the light that guides you.

The organisational purpose is an inspiring higher goal and the underlying reason your organisation exists beyond what you make or sell. It is about the change you want to see in the world. It is the light that guides you, it is your North Star. It will help you win customers, inspire stakeholders and get happier employees.

Factsheet Purpose



Align your organisation with a higher goal.

Purpose setting is about aligning your organisation with a higher goal that you, your team and stakeholders care about. We invite your team to join us for an inspiring journey to discover what you want to change in the world.

The only thing thatmatters is everything.

What matters most to you?

Purpose setting step 1

Our purpose setting journey kicks-off at an inspiring location where we invite you to a journey inward. What drives you and your team from within? Personal vision, motives and ambitions play an important role. With creative assignments and in-depth discussions, we uncover what unites your team on a human level.

Purpose setting step 2

Next, we take an external view. We analyse your brand and examine what your organisation means to your stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Through surveys and in-depth interviews, we determine your strengths and what role your organisation would ideally fulfil.

What matters most to them?

A purpose worth sharing.

Purpose setting step 3

Last, we use our findings to develop an authentic and resonating purpose story and statement. These are the springboard to transform the entire organisation's strategy, culture and brand.

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