Many people have a rising desire, to have a positive impact on the world somehow. They want their work to be meaningful and are more likely to buy products from companies that create positive impact. Organisations will therefore only be successful in the long-term if they have a clear sense of societal purpose and create a positive net outcome for other people, nature, and the economy.

What is our tomorrow session about?

What is it?

A half-day session in which we explore future scenarios and possible roles for your organisation in the purpose economy.

Who is it for?

Directors and managers that want to learn about the purpose economy and explore new opportunities for their organisation.

When to book?

Our tomorrow session is designed for organisations looking to reposition their organisation and set a strategic course to become future proof.

A half-day session at an inspiring location that will bring new perspectives

In a half-day session we’re going to explore what road lies ahead for your organisation in order to thrive in the purpose economy. We take a snapshot of where your organisation is at right now and mirror possible future scenarios. All in a dynamic setting at an inspiring location. After the session you walk away with new perspectives and a better grasp of what it takes to succeed in the purpose economy and where to start.

Four reasons to book our tomorrow session

Find direction

Understand what it takes for your organisation to thrive in the purpose economy.

New outlook

A refreshing new perspective on how you can create impact.

Be inspired

A half day session that will inspire your team and create excitement about the future.


A no strings attached exploration that will bring you a new perspective.

Book a tomorrow session today

The future is coming, and it’s coming fast. Purpose-driven organisations (such as Certified B Corporations) are disrupting traditional industries on a global scale. Talent wants work to be meaningful and consumers expect organisations to be part of the solution. Start your journey today and find out what it takes for your organisation to thrive in the purpose economy.

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