The Wholesome Business canvas is a template that can help business leaders create an integrated ESG strategy for their organisation. The canvas visualises the relationship between business activities and the ecosystem of stakeholders in which a business operates. It is uniquely suited to explore opportunities to create positive economic, social and environmental impact in ways that are profitable.

Introducing the Waai Wholesome Business Canvas

With the Wholesome Business canvas, business leaders can visualise and get an actionable overview of the benefits and costs their organisation incurs on its stakeholders. The various stakeholders are comprehensively grouped in six categories: planet, people, society, partners, shareholders and buyers/users. Together they form the totality of the ecosystem in which the organisation operates and impacts through its core business.

Central to the canvas is visualizing the exchange of value that occurs between an organisation and its ecosystem. A value exchange in which an organisation draws on various inputs (resources and capitals) from its stakeholders and converts them into outputs (products, services, waste). By filling in the canvas, the underlying value relationships between an organisation and its stakeholders are revealed, providing a better understanding of the strength and weaknesses of the current ESG strategy.

Actionable insights

The canvas enables managers and business leaders to better understand the value the organisation creates. It acts almost as a map, indicating where opportunities lie to increase positive impact or reduce negative impact. By filling in this canvas, users can uncover new possibilities to create greater synergy between business activities.

Better decision making

The canvas enables an across-the-board discussion about the totality of the impact an organisation has on its stakeholders. The canvas invites users to explore new avenues of thought on how to links business activities with impact efforts and generate innovation.

Wholesome Business

/ˈhəʊl.səm/ /ˈbɪz.nɪs/

A business that is actively geared towards producing value for all of its stakeholders is a Wholesome Business. It is a net benefactor to our planet and everyone on it. Whichever way you look at it.

Wholesome: a new ESG framework

The Waai Wholesome Business canvas is the first feature of a comprehensive ESG-framework that Waai is currently developing. The Wholesome Business framework encompasses a multitude of tools that will help organisations steer their ESG efforts to become a more Wholesome Business. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities the canvas offers feel free to contact us.